Portfolio Project

Front End Engineering Design Micro LNG

Date: (2013 – Present)

Client: PT Noor Tech Asia Engineering

PT. Exatra served as engineering consultant. This project was to developing 5 MMSCFD facilities LNG micro at Wunut-Sidoarjo, East java. PT. Bumi Tangguh Selaras (BTS) have signed Gas Sales and Purchase Agreement with gas seller for contract period of 20 years. The purpose of this facility is to utilizing the supplied pipeline quality gas as 5.5 MMSCFD gas that will be processed to become LNG and will be sold to various LNG end users.

The project scope will be divided into 2 (two) main project scope:

1. Micro LNG Plant Capacity 5 MMSCFD by Licensor
2. Out Side Battery Limit (OSBL) Plant for LNG such as Fire Water System, Fresh Water system, Flare and Drain System, Instrument Air System
3. Trucking Fled of LNG Product to Customer Location