Segat 1-3 Pipeline and Manifold - Engineering Consultant for 2 km, 5 km and 8 km Gas Flowline

EMP Bentu Ltd. Plans to develop Segat Pipeline network complete with Manifold plant and Receiving Plant at Bentu area, Riau. The associated gas from Segat Wellhead will be delivered to SSGP Plant to treated to Sales Gas.

The Project were develop 3 onshore flowlines segment located in Bentu Area, Riau. The project consisted of development of 3 pipeline from M3B to M2B (2 km), M2B to M1B (5 km), and M1B to SSGP Receiving terminal consist of 8 km pipeline; and Receiving terminal. The onshore pipeline consist of above ground pipe line, under ground pipe line, River Crossing and Road Crossing.

Scope of Supply and Work:

1. Detail Engineering Design for overall New Pipiline and Manifold covering the process, mechanical, instrument, pipeline, civil and structural Design.

2. Fabrication Inspection on Fabricator Work Shop.

3. Site Survey, Pre Commissioning, Commissioning and Start Up (SAT).?